Thursday, March 29, 2012

Crying betrayal

Although I have great respect for the expertise of Ron Ben Yishai, I disagree with the tone of this article. In my opinion, right now the American administration is only protecting Israel against its own leaders, who might easily decide (i.e., I would not put it past some of them) to launch a useless and ineffective strike for totally wrong reasons and without all the proper reflections and preparations. If a strike turns out to be the safest, most viable and efficient option to stop Iran from becoming nuclear (and I must admit that I am afraid it will ), then it has to be carried out by the US, with Israeli support, not by Israel with the rest of the world (including the US) opposing and protesting it. Israel has neither the means nor the manpower to do this the way it should be done, let's not fool ourselves.  You can't blame the American President for caring about his own and his country's interests, rather than about the egos of the leaders of a country that is more and more becoming a regional burden instead of an asset for the USA. Which does not mean that I think it wise or appropriate to leak information - correct, false, or whatever - that might complicate or endanger any current or future operations in and against Iran's nuclear program. Still, I find it hard to believe that Mr Ben Yishai's cries of betrayal are based on solid facts rather than on populist sentiments, rife in Israel's ultra(reli)nationalist circles these days, circles which do not form his political habitat as far as I am aware.

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