Thursday, May 24, 2012

Under Asian Skies

If what is done these days to African migrants in Tel Aviv by angry 'mobsters' was done to Jews anywhere in the world, we would talk about anti-Semitism, pogroms, and so on, and rightly so. Now we are told by politicians - several of them members of mainstream parties -  that we have to understand the anger, fear, and frustration of the violent mob, that the Africans are a disease for Israeli society, and that they have to be deported. None of them talks about the fact that the problem of the refugees, and of the legal and illegal foreign workers in Israel is a direct result of a lack of clear policy of the government, or rather of the cruel but very logical powers of the free market cherished by that government. In that free market human beings can be enslaved employed for less than minimum wage, as long as there are people 'willing' to submit themselves to less than human working conditions and as long as the state allows and/or encourages the phenomenon. Just imagine how desperate you must be to think that you can get a better life by trying your luck in this racist, violent, G'd-forsaken country. Listen to and look at MK Miri Regev (*), who used to be IDF Spokesperson - supposedly an expert on PR - but who today is one of the most populist and simultaneously insignificant and influential members of the Knesset, and you understand why Israel has had such a hard time to sell its image and its policies for so many years. Believe me, hers are not the face or the voice that Israel wants to show and made heard in the world. For updates and comments on events and developments in Southern Tel Aviv see the website of Mag972 (thanks to Lisa Goldman).

(*) As soon as the broadcast of an interview with her that I have just seen is available I will post a link to it here (see the broadcast of 24.5.12). She was very vulgar and hysterical.

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