Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The real reason...

...for canceling the early elections is probably this. Let's hope and pray that if that attack comes - and it will come, I am afraid, Bibi and Barak have been whispering and shouting Iran delenda est for too long, they are not afraid to sacrifice hundreds of us for their political survival, no matter how temporary - it will not be carried out at the wrong time, the wrong way, for the wrong reasons. And let's hope that at the moment of truth the Americans won't think only of their own interests, but instead will decide to help this government country survive somehow. I liked this article by Bradley Burston. A quote:

This is no longer the elected government of Israel. This is the hand-picked junta of the state of Bullpucky. There is the defense minister whom no one in Israel will vote for, the justice minister whom no one has ever voted for, the foreign minister for whom elections have been a keep-out-of-jail Card, and now Mofaz.
it was just last week that Shaul Mofaz telling everyone who would listen, that Netanyahu and Barak were unfit to run this country, inappropriate to meet its social challenges, ill-equipped to deal rationally with the one issue that consumes them, Iran.
Apparently, in exchange for a cabinet post at a time when Kadima is plummeting in polls, Mofaz now concedes that Netanyahu and Barak are at least fit to run Shaul Mofaz.

I don't agree with the following:
And keep your eye, as well, on Rabin Square. Summer is coming in early this year. So are social justice protests. The same protests that the election campaign was meant, in part, to undercut.
Israelis know bullpucky when they've stepped in it. And, in this case, they know bullpucky when they've had their noses rubbled in it. And when it's bullpucky that slips the rug of their comfort zone, they can tire of that very quickly.
Keep your eye on the polls, and on the square. Bibi will, for sure. And he's not going to like what he sees.

I disagree with that, because I believe that the moment Bibi thinks that his political survival is at stake might and probably will be the very moment he will decide to start a fullscale war, in Iran/Israel and/or in Lebanon/Northern Israel and/or in Gaza/Southern Israel. We are talking about a Prime Minister who has been busier with his political tricks and survival than he has been with truly being a leader, caring for his country and his people, taking bold but wise and brave decisions, facing (and not turning his back to) challenges, and so on.

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