Thursday, August 02, 2012

Foolish, Dangerous, Important, Sad

Former IAF commander Eitan Ben-Eliyahuh explains why it would be foolish and dangerous for Israel on its own to start a war against Iran, and what kind of war would be needed to curb or end the threat of a nuclear Iran. It is probably still too early for such a war, which does not mean that war is not imminent. Another important analysis that Israeli leaders should heed is the one by the British ambassador in Tel Aviv (and yes, I know that Israel's capital is Jerusalem, but as long as Israel insists on holding on to the WestbankPLUSEast-Jerusalem, few countries will accept that, but of course, you have to be a self-hating Jew and anti-Zionist to say so). Finally, to prove that the problem is not only (or maybe not even mainly, but hey, I care more about my own side than about the other, which is why I chose to go and live in Israel, and why I allow myself to criticize my own side) on our side, here is a sad example of blindness and stupidity among Palestinians and their so-called friends and supporters.

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