Thursday, August 02, 2012

Here's another reason...

...or maybe even the main one, why Iran delenda est. Unfortunately, I am afraid that as a consequence Israel will be partially deleta as well, but hey, that's a small price to pay for ambition, stupidity, pigheaded- and shortsightedness, Greater Israel, eternal fame (or infamy, which is more likely), and your coalition, isn't it? May G'd give our leaders the strength and the wisdom to do what is best for us, not for themselves, and in the long, not the short term.

PS: Don't get me wrong, I don't think Israel can or should reconcile itself with a nuclear Iran, and it is quite possible that military action will turn out to be the only realistic option to prevent that country from achieving nuclear weapons, but it will be very irresponsible, or just stupid, for the Jewish state to start such a war on its own, for reasons that are not only tactical and/or operational. Besides several politicians and one or two commentators I have not heard one professional say with confidence and in a convincing manner that an Israeli solo-war against Iran is feasible, will destroy or at least delay (for more than one or two years) Teheran's nuclear weapon program, and won't carry a very heavy civilian and military cost. The chief of staff of the army supposedly is against, and he know what he is talking about, I hope. This is something that should be done in total cooperation and coordination with the United States. But for that there has to be mutual trust (and there seems to be none), and it has a price tag for Israel (concessions regarding the settlements, among other things), which Nethanyahu is unwilling/unable to pay. So Bibi and his cronies will embark on an adventure whose beginning phrase is known ("Once upon a time there was a Jewish king...) but whose end is an enigma (though it will certainly not be "And they lived happy ever after.").

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