Friday, August 03, 2012

Highly Recommended Reading

Aharon Ze'evi Farkash, former IDF Intelligence Chief, on why it would be premature for Israel to start a war right now. He provides plenty of reasons why it would be wise to wait, for about half a year, eight months, before deciding to attack (the legitimacy issue; operational freedom; international support; developments in Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Gaza that Israel might have to deal with). But, on the other hand, by the spring of 2013 Mr. Nethanyahu's coalition could fall apart over issues like drafting the ultra-orthodox, the economy, social protests. And what is more important, staying in power for another few months, dragging your army and people into an adventure which without substantial support from and cooperation with Uncle Sam cannot end well, and making it to the history books in whatever way, or being patient and responsible for some more months (and doing what is best for the country and for the rest of the free world)? You know the answer.Or could it be that Israel has no intention whatsoever to attack on its own, and all this is just a very smart strategy by Mr Nethanyahu and Mr Barak to urge the US towards military action? I would be surprised (almost pleasantly, I'd say), but stranger things have happened. I still wish for the sanctions and covert stuff to do the job of weakening the Teheran regime enough for it to either stop pursuing the nuclear path (the favorite scenario for many, I am sure) or be a weakened adversary in the case of an American-led attack. And I pray for our leaders to have the wisdom and courage to take the right decisions and do the right things at the right time.

PS: Beautifully written, powerful piece by David Grossman, also highly recommended.

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