Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Recommended Reading

At the risk of being labeled a self-hating Jew or a traitor, I recommend this week's column by Thomas Friedman, who I think is a true friend of Israel, just like his President (and unlike people such as Romney and Adelson, who are just as much friends of us as Iran and Saudi-Arabia are friends of the Palestinians). Mr. Friedman's conclusion:

"So how about all you U.S. politicians — Republicans and Democrats — stop feeding off this conflict for political gain. Stop using this conflict as a backdrop for campaign photo-ops and fund-raisers. Stop making things even worse by telling the most hard-line Israelis everything that they want to hear, just to grovel for Jewish votes and money, while blatantly ignoring the other side. There are real lives at stake out there. If you’re not going to do something constructive, stay away. They can make enough trouble for themselves on their own."

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