Monday, August 27, 2012

There's none so blind as those who won't see

Jews - in Holland, the States, Israel and elsewhere - who only recently have found out that Geert Wilders and his movement are not true friends of Israel and/or the Jews, are blind, un-smart, or a combination of both. Or they have never read Dutchblog Israel.

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david said...

"Wilders’s Party for Freedom, known as the PVV in Dutch, has repeatedly come out in favor of a law that would prohibit slaughtering unstunned animals. Wilders’s steadfast opposition to ritual slaughter (“shehita” in Jewish halachic parlance) is intended to antagonize Holland’s 850,000 Muslims — but it would also affect the country’s 30,000 Jews." I realize the point of this article wasn't the above statement, but, there are 7/8th of a million Muslims in Holland, and an accounting error's worth of Jews? It would seem to me that is problematic, for all in Holland, on so many levels.