Sunday, November 04, 2012

Peace partners

And once again Israel's rightwing government (which for now and probably also after 22 January represents this country's majority) shows that it prefers Hamas over any other alternative. Lieberman, Nethanyahu and Haniyeh speak the same language, in which the three main words are "All - Or - Nothing". You won't be surprised when I tell you that I tend to agree with President Peres. No, Mr Abbas is not Israel's best friend, and he might even be a sly and deceitful Jew-hater (I don't know, I am just paraphrasing things that I have heard and read about him), but he is the only more or less sane option and potential partner Israel has if it is interested in a negotiated solution, as it has claimed for so long it is. But it isn't. Just as Hamas is not interested in such a solution. And why should Israel be interested? So there is a threat of war every other month, and people in the south are being attacked on a daily basis (but they will continue to vote for the status quo), and the whole world is against us, and we are dependent on foreign charities to feed our poor, etc. etc. Who cares, as long as most of us can live their lives in relative peace and quiet, and only a minority of Israelis pays the price for that indifference and for the total lack of leadership here?
As long as there is no Palestinian who would qualify for the chairmanship of the Jewish Agency or the World Zionist Organization, Israel will continue to claim that there is no partner for peace. That is true, at least when we look in Jerusalem and Gaza. About Ramallah I am not so sure, I think there is some peace potential there. Not peace as in paradise on earth, hugging and kissing each other, forgive and forget, but peace as in clearly defined borders and agreements between two states, true leaders taking care of their people's real interests, two nations living side by side, caring for their children and children's children, without the constant threat of war.

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