Monday, November 19, 2012


The other day our 10-year-old son and I attended a concert by the Haifa Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Ronen Borshevsky, who also played the piano in Mozart's 23rd concerto for piano and orchestra. It was the first time our son attended a classical concert, and he loved it. The other compositions that were played were a new and really beautiful concerto for viola and strings by the Israeli composer Uri Bracha (with Avshalom Sarid playing the viola), and Mendelssohn's 9th Symphony, 'the Swiss symphony', which I found on YouTube. As an encore, and - and as he said - to lift the spirit of everybody in these difficult days, Ronen Borshevsky played a very famous piece by Chopin (the name of which I cannot remember, of course, I think it is a waltz). My son and I are looking forward to the next concert.

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