Monday, November 05, 2012

Dream on!

Thank God we can always rely on the Palestinian majority to reject any step that might bring
an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians closer. That way we can continue to claim that it is they, not we, who don't want peace. After all, peace is all that we want, isn't it?

One thing I do not get, though. If we are so sure of ourselves, of our national rights, and of our strength, why should we be afraid of any of the Palestinians' dreams? Let them dream! We only have to make sure that they can keep on dreaming, and that their dream(s) never will become reality. The longer we hold on to our own impossible dream - that of Greater Israel, which for many is a nightmare - the greater the chances become for the Palestinians to realize their dream. Only be stopping to invest across the Green Line, by establishing clear and secure borders, by strengthening our economy/society/military (education!), and by building powerful political and military coalitions, will Israel be able to make sure that the dream of a Greater Palestine remains just that, a dream.

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