Friday, November 30, 2012

Here We Go...

This is how Tom Janssen, one of my favorite Dutch cartoonists, sees the upgrading of the UN General Assembly granting Palestine non-member status. I think that the desperate ways in which Israel has ben trying to fight this step shows how much the Jewish state realizes it is fighting a losing battle. Still, I don't think that the current government realized how weak its international position has become. And much of that is our own doing, I continue to believe. But of course we have the perfect answer ready: one or two days after it was made known that every one out of five Israelis lives in poverty, Jerusalem announced that thousands more housing units will be built across the Green Line.  Whereas the Palestinians have learnt oh so much from us, from our history, and from our many sources of strenght, we have hardly learnt anything from them, or from our own - and oh so many - mistakes in recent decades. "For spite" ('Davka', in Hebrew) has become the key phrase in Israel's policies, foreign and internal. One of the next steps that are seriously considered by this government - according to sources who are supposed to be in the know - is regime change in Ramallah. It seems that we think that there are still more fights and wars that can and must be lost. Personally, I believe that the whole world is not against us. Most of the world, though, is against some of us, and even more against some of our actions. And I can hardly blame the world for that, because I am just as much against them, since I honestly believe that they ruin us, diplomatically, politically, economically, militarily, and morally.

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