Friday, November 02, 2012

Joep Bertrams on Sandy and Obama


Cartoon found on the website of Joep Bertrams.

Like (I think) Joep Bertrams, but unlike many people here in Israel, I keep my fingers crossed and hope for a victory for Barack Obama on Tuesday. It is not that I am overly impressed with the man's record so far, but a) he received the worst possible economic and diplomatic inheritance from his predecessor (whose views on economics and diplomacy are similar to those of Mr Romney), which gave him an enormous disadvantage from the beginning; b) I don't buy the BS of those who say that he is an enemy of the Jewish state; au contraire, I want an American President who doesn't stop reminding the Israeli government that continuing its settlement policies hurts Israeli as much as American interests, and even hope that Obama becomes a bit more assertive on this issue if he is reelected; and c) when I look at the supporters of either of the two sides, I like Obama's much more than Romney's; or - paraphrasing the words of a Dutch comedian, who during the public discourse in the Netherlands in the 1980s on whether or not the US should be allowed to station nuclear weapons in Holland said that he was against, because "Have you seen who is in favor?" - "Have you seen some of those who are against Obama?". It's Scarlett Johansson vs Meat Loaf, basically ;-)

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