Sunday, December 16, 2012

Told You So

I have been saying for many years that Bibi's political career has always depended on the help of outsiders, including Hamas (see here, for example). Of course, I know that that wisdom is not mine exclusively, but still, I could not help thinking "Told You So" when I read what Avner Shalev wrote for Haaretz this weekend. His conclusion:

"Hamas needs Netanyahu. Hamas needs to thank our prime minister for his faithful service and for weakening its main rival, Mahmoud Abbas - which would result in the West Bank being surrendered to Hamas on a silver platter. If only Hamas members could participate in our upcoming elections, clearly they would vote Likud-Beiteinu. The other parties threaten to destroy them, or to talk with their rivals. Only Netanyahu does not disappoint. Only Netanyahu is reliable. If you vote Bibi, you vote Hamas."

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