Tuesday, December 11, 2012

In the meantime, in the holiest of lands...

As you could see in the two previous postings, things are not really good in Egypt and in Id. This does not mean that it's all roses in the Holy Land. Politically, I don't remember - in the thirty years that I have been following events and developments in and around Israel - a more hopeless situation than the one that we find ourselves in today. And much of that situation cannot be blamed (anymore, and exclusively) on 'the other side(s)'. But don't say anything slightly critical about Israel today or about the current government (which could very well be a blessing compared to the next one), unless you want to be branded as an anti-Zionist, a self-hating traitor, or worse. To get a glimpse of how things are (and get) done in Israel anno 2012-2013, read this article. And yes, of course I still know and believe that Israel is the most democratic country in the Near and Middle East. On the other hand, if I were not a Zionist, I would almost say "In the region of the blind..."

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