Friday, December 21, 2012

(up)Chucking on Hagel

I can imagine that supporters of the current Israeli government have serious doubts about Barack Obama's prospective Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel. To me he seems a man who knows very well where American interests lie (which I think is something that a US Defense Secretary should know), and from what I have read about the man I get the impression that he is a Realpolitiker, who believes that critical and constructive support of Israel is an American interest.  

Chemi Shalev wrote some interesting observations about the aggressive campaign that is being conducted by so-called pro-Israel and other forces against Mr. Hagel. I quote some of the most telling passages:

"Perhaps if Hagel’s critics had seen battle and bloodshed as he had, it would have influenced their outlook on waging war as well, but who knows. Writing poisonous articles on your laptop is also courageous, no?"

"In a speech to the Israel Policy Forum in 2008, Hagel spoke of the need to achieve an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement and said: “I don’t know of a better role model or an individual to point to than Yitzchak Rabin. What Yitzchak Rabin did, what he represented, what he still represents is hope, that in his memory, in his honor, but for his courage and boldness, we can come back with a Rabin too. It takes leaders on the other side. Sadat, Begin. It will take a unique set of leaders to do this. It’s possible. Leaders change the world.”
Spoken like the true anti-Semite that he is."

"In any case, Chuck Hagel is an ultra-Zionist, a Jew-lover, an AIPAC lackey and a potential honorary president of the Emergency Committee for Israel in comparison to John Sununu, the former governor of New Hampshire and more recently, a campaign manager and spokesman for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney."

PS: I learnt the word "upchuck" this week, while reading David Baldacci's The Innocent.

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