Saturday, January 19, 2013


I was not sure whether I should give this posting the title 'Homesick', because today Israel is my main home, but I could not think of a better title. In Dutch I would use 'heimwee' (from the German Heimweh), in Hebrew געגוים, used when you miss something, when you are thinking of something that you used to have but that you don't/can't have right now.

I know that a lot of snow can be a headache, but when I see pictures like those in this short video, and in the gorgeous picture that I will post later today, I would love to be in Holland for just a couple of days, spending some time with my father and siblings, and enjoy the beauty and the gezelligheid of a real Dutch winter.

The video (made four days ago) I found on the website of Thomas Schlijper.

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