Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jeffrey Goldberg Hits the Nail on the Head

Highly recommended reading: Jeffrey Goldberg's article, published on the Bloomberg website this morning.

Notice that Obama - like some European leaders and many other friends and allies of Israel - does not make any outrageous demands of the Jewish state. None of them tells Israel it should give up any territory right now, with the whole region in turmoil:

"Israeli concerns about the turmoil in Syria and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood are legitimate in the American view, and Obama knows that broad territorial compromise by Israel in such an unstable environment is unlikely.
But what Obama wants is recognition by Netanyahu that Israel’s settlement policies are foreclosing on the possibility of a two-state solution, and he wants Netanyahu to acknowledge that a two-state solution represents the best chance of preserving the country as a Jewish-majority democracy. Obama wants, in other words, for Netanyahu to act in Israel’s best interests."

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