Sunday, June 16, 2013

And the winner is...

The election of Hassan Rohani, of course, does not mean that suddenly Iran is not ruled anymore by a clique of fanatics that aims at enforcing and spreading an extremist version of (shi'ite) Islam, at developing nuclear weapons, at threatening American interests and destroying the state of the Jews. Still, Bibi and Ya'alon's Delenda-Est-Iran reactions before, during and right after the Iranian elections don't serve Israel's interests and looked pathetic. A responsible and smart government would have come up with various scenarios (one of them including the victory of this, the most moderate or least fanatic man among the handful of candidates), their international implications and possible Israeli responses. Instead, Israel was the only country which had a one-size-fits-all response ready for what was - according to all analysts, in spite of everything - a surprise victory. Not that Rohani was not a leading candidate, but hardly anybody foresaw the size of his victory, in the first round.

PS: For a good analysis of Rohani's election - one that mixes cautious optimism with strong warnings - click here.

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