Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Iran-Israel 1-0

And, of course, Israel again makes the wrong choice, scoring an own goal. I am not saying that Rohani or the Iranians can or should be trusted, but would it hurt to just sit and listen? He is not Ahmadinejad, who not unlike Bibi was playing a broken record, albeit with a different tune. Isn't it ironic that Israel uses the boycott weapon while claiming that any boycott against Israel and Israeli policies is wrong and anti-Semitic? Sticking your head in the sand, estranging your friends, and turning yourself into the laughing stock of the whole world, all that is obviously a much better way of dealing with threats than keeping your ears open and trying to both anticipate and react upon the changes that affect the region. It is about time that we start analyzing where and how we have failed, when it comes to PR, in the last two decades, and where and how others have succeeded and are continuing to succeed.


Likoed Nederland said...

De Iraanse president is een meester-bedrieger met het kernwapenprogramma - zegt hij zelf.

Waarom gelooft de wereld dan zo een rasleugenaar van een misdadig regime?


Bert said...

1) Probeer ajb de volgende keer een klikbare link te plaatsen.
2) Reageer ajb als het even kan in het Engels op een posting in het Engels, dan kan ik daar op reageren. Hag Sameah.