Friday, July 25, 2014


I am extremely proud of my children. Our daughter has been active at the local community center, preparing packages with sweets and other treats for the soldiers who are active in and around Gaza. What our youngest son (7 years old) did moved me even more. He wrote a letter that tomorrow will be sent with another shipment of goods that the son and brother of friends of ours asked for, for himself and the members of his platoon. Our son wrote:
To all IDF soldiers, I hope this will end soon. Within myself I believe that every one of us has a good and a bad side (*), but the most important is that you take care of/watch after yourselves.
((*): this is a paraphrase of a quote from Anne Frank. We were in the Anne Frank House together earlier this month)
As much as I regret every civilian death on the Palestinian side, I think this is a just war as far as Israel is concerned, a war that was chosen by Hamas. Israel's soldiers are doing a difficult, almost impossible job, and deserve our full support. It is difficult to watch Palestinian children and other innocent people being hurt, but you have to be utterly dumb or evil (or both, with a serious dosis of Jew-hatred) to claim without blinking that Israel targets civilians on purpose. I am pretty sure that most of the dozens of Israeli soldiers who have been killed in action would still be alive if the IDF used the same considerations that the US, the UK or any other country has used in war zones in recent years. 
As I am writing this I watch the news, where they show how a terror tunnel - which was 1 km long and led to kibbutz Nahal Oz, which I know well (I lived in that neighborhood during my first year in Israel) - was blown up. You don't want to think what that tunnel eventually would have been used for. Kol HaKavod LeTsahal.

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