Sunday, July 27, 2014

Recommended Reading

I highly recommend last Friday's Editorial in Haaretz. Israel is still the only democratic state in the region, sort of. But the democratic character is being eroded by the day, and not only during wartime. It is important that those of us who want to voice criticism, no matter how unpleasant that can be and even if it contains mistakes or untruths, will always feel free to do so. Down with the (mostly extreme and not so extreme rightwing) bullies of the thoughtpolice. If you are looking for a way to support Israel today, I suggest that you donate to one of the organizations that support the IDF soldiers, or to one of the NGOs that try to keep and/or make Israel as democratic as possible (I have some suggestions in the margins of this weblog), or that you take a subscription to the digital version of Haaretz (I have done that this very week), an Israeli medium that almost literally fights for Israel as a Jewish AND demcratic state.

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