Friday, August 08, 2014

Okay, We'll Call it a Draw

(the relevant part starts at 2 min. 30 sec.)

As with every war, the first question journalists tried to answer as soon as the war seemed to be nearing its end appeared to be: "Who won?". This morning the rocket fire on Israel has been renewed, and Israel has started to fire back. So farm every possible answer to the abovementioned question has already been given. I cannot help but be reminded of the famous scence of Sir Lancelot and the Black Knight, in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Not that IDF is anything like Graham Chapman's Sir Lancelot, or that I think that Israel is the victor (in my opinion this war, as so many others, only has losers), and Hamas has been hit but hardly been beaten, but still. "''tis but a scratch.", "I've had worse.", "Just a flesh wound!". "I'm invincible!!!", and then "Okay, we'll call it a draw." If the whole situation was not so sad and frustrating, we could have a good laugh about all this.

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