Thursday, August 21, 2014


I won't shed a tear for any of the three Hamas commanders who reportedly were killed today. Neither will I be overly sad if it turns out that Mohammed Deif finally has been 'eliminated', though I do feel sorry for his wife and children who were killed two days ago. My main problem with the events of the last couple of days (and the reports on those events) is the feeling of - almost - euphoria that seems to have set the tone, when you read and listen between the lines. You don't have to read between the lines when you see the comments on Israeli social media to see that euphoria. Once again it appears that most people believe that for every problem there is a military solution (this is one of the points that I referred to in an article that I wrote more than ten years ago). By taking away (or 'taking out') Hamas leaders - which sometimes can be necessary, even if it is only to boost morale, as cynical as that may sound - you don't take away Hamas, or 'the Palestinian problem'. We should keep our feet on the ground (and on our side of the Israel-Gaza border) and realize that a solution to any political-ideological-military conflict can never be solely military.

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