Friday, August 01, 2014

This cannot be true...

Just before I was about to have a shower before going to bed, I zapped and watched the Channel 1 news for a few minutes. The foreign affairs correspondent said - and the text at the bottom page confirmed this - that the UN is angry at Washington and Israel that they do not share the Iron Dome technology with Hamas and other areas in the world that are under attack. This would be hilarious if the situation was not so sad, and the UN was not turning itself again and again into a joke that refuses to become funny. I am not saying that no UN official does a good job or has excellent intentions, but G'd help the poor people whose lives depend on Ban Ki Moon, the UNHRC, UNWRA etc. It really seems that Mr Moon (or Ki Moon, or Ban, I have no idea how Korean names work, sorry) and his underlings won't be happy until the number of Palestinian and Israeli victims is more balanced.

(PS: I know I am a little bit too cynical here, but if this news item is true it is just too ridiculous for serious words).

(PPS: The main source for this seems to be Breitbart, but other sites have adopted the news item, see for example the site of the Washington Times. I don't know these sites well enough to know if they are somehow reliable or mostly tendentious. The fact that the main Israeli medium to report on this appears to be the ultrarightwing Arutz Sheva (Israelnationalnews, the name says a lot) (plus the Channel 1 reporter late last night, but he usually does not much more than summarize headlines that he finds online) makes be skeptic. It seems that no mainstream medium has dedicated separate headlines to what looks like nothing more but yet another stupid faux pas of a UN official).

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