Monday, August 25, 2014

Yair Lapid's Speech

Picture that I took in July 2013 at Gleis 17

Here you find the full transcript of the beautiful, very well written speech that Israel's Finance Minister and Yesh Atid Chairman, Yair Lapid, gave last week at a ceremony at Platform 17, the railway station in Berlin Grunewald from where tens of thousands of Jews were sent eastwards during World War II. I would not be surprised if Mr Lapid, who is a writer-journalist after all, wrote most if not all of the speech himself. I often get suspicious when people talk about lessons that should or can be learnt from history in general and from teh Holocaust in particular, but he makes quite a convincing analysis of two - apparently contradictory - conclusions that we Jews (might) have drawn from what was done to the Jews of Europe in the years 1933-45.

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