Thursday, July 14, 2016

If you come across this blog and do not know Dutch... might notice that in the last few years I have not written very much in English. It's a fact that, whereas in the first nine, ten years of this weblog's existence I used to blog a lot, both in Dutch and in English, after 2012 I somehow stopped having the time and energy to spend as much time writing online as I had before. Since then, on this blog I have mainly posted articles of mine, in Dutch, which were published in two Dutch newspapers that I occasionally write for. If you want an idea of what I wrote in earlier years, just browse through previous postings, or search for "Jerusalem Report" in the search engine on this weblog (you can also click here). Three fairly recent articles that I wrote in English (and one revised version of a not so recent one) you can find here, on the website Times of Israel. Every now and then I also post comments - similar to the kind of things I used to post on my blog - on Facebook.

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