Thursday, October 02, 2003

For several days I wanted to write something about the so-called letter of the 27 ( some names were added and others taken off the list, I know ), but I did not have enough time. This morning I saw a very good opinion on the website of Ha'Aretz, written by Brig-Gen ( res. ) Giora Furman, former deputy commander of the IAF. He expresses many of my ambiguous feelings, writing about the problematic nature of refusing orders as well as about the legitimacy of the IAF/IDF's actions. Of course, most in the Israeli establishment and media prefer to bury their heads in the sand, to attack the very signatories of the letter without even considering any of the points raised by them. We left Holland on Tuesday, after an excellent vacation with my parents and family. On Sunday we met a very good friend of mine and her husband, who live in Sweden and whom we had not seen for at least six years. The six of us took a walk in the beautiful Edese Bos, with our son sleeping most of the time. Just before we left Holland, I bought Childhood Years ( Kinderjaren ), by Jona Oberski. Although it appears to be an impressive, autobiographic story of a child who survived Bergen Belsen, I read somewhere that when the book was made into a movie ( Jonah in the Whale or someting similar ) it was disclosed that it is not autobiographic. Can somebody give me more information about this, and about the author?