Friday, October 31, 2003

Regarding “The road to a new West goes through Jerusalem” by Dominique Moïsi, and “European polls call Israel a big threat to world peace”, by Thomas Fuller, IHT, October 31, 2003: While Dominique Moïsi is right when he states that “ the behavior of the present Israeli government is not giving security to Israeli citizens ”, he almost justifies antipathy towards and acts of racist and religious violence against Jews all over the world when he writes that that same behavior “ challenges the status of Jewish communities everywhere in the world, in Europe in particular ”. With such bias expressed by public figures, political and other advisers and commentators in Europe, we should not be surprised that many Europeans blame Israel solely for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and – consequently – for the problems, international crises and the rift between Islam and the West which are widely considered to be a direct result of that conflict. Neither should one be surprised that Israelis, rather than relying on the good intentions of the Palestinians or the ‘impartiality’ of European and other mediators, prefer to continue trying their luck with the Devil they know, in their case Ariel Sharon. This is one of the main reasons why any peace initiative by Israeli moderates and left wing public figures which involves European mediation will fail to rally vital public support in the Jewish state.

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