Friday, January 02, 2004

In an article in Ha'Aretz we can read once again how all of us who would like to see the Israeli government end the occupation rather today than tomorrow are being lead by the nose by Sharon and his settler cronies. Those who use taxpayers' money to build a road to an unauthorized outpost linked to a group that - for whatever reasons - was placed on the US State Department's list of terror organizations cannot be taken serious when they claim that they will evacuate illegal, undefendable or other settlements and outposts. The settlers' spokesperson quoted in the article is absolutely right when he says that they are the law in Israel. They have the respected company of Gilad and Omri Sharon, David Appel, Shlomi Oz and others who have taken the art of corrupting and destroying a society that for more than fifty years has been characterized by already hardly kosher ways of conducting politics and government to new and unprecedented heights.

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