Tuesday, November 29, 2005

An article that I proposed to and wrote for the Jerusalem Report has been accepted and will be published in the magazine's next issue. As soon as the issue comes out I will post the article here as well. This article's publication makes me prouder than most other articles ever did. Not only was about 90% of the original preserved in the final version, but also the title ( a pun that I made up myself, you will see ) was adopted by the editors. Besides, while normally I send a finished product to a newspaper or magazine this time I only suggested an idea and asked if the JR was interested. They were, I wrote the piece and sent it to them. The editors' suggestions for improvement really improved the text, but they gave me the opportunity to make the changes myself. I save the final version of the article as a draft, so that I can post it here during my stay in Paris. I assume that will be towards the end of next week or in the beginning of the week after that.

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