Wednesday, November 16, 2005

In the latest issue of the Jerusalem Report I read a good opinion article that was written by a very young person. Titled "Giving in to the bullies", its conclusion is something that I can largely sunbscribe to: [the settlements] "are a physical barrier between Israel and Palestine, but in addition, as long as they exist, they are an insurmountable barrier between Israel and security, and more importantly, between Israel and morality." As an experiment I made a photocopy of the article with my digital camera. The result can be seen here. Click on the photo and you will be able to enlarge it once, which makes the article readable. The original picture ( i.e. not within the confinements of the weblog but on the screen of my laptop ) can be enlarged even more, and it can be read easily on a computer screen. This is how I made photocopies of tens of thousands of newspapers and documents for my research. My Nikon CP 5400 has a function that enables you to make high-quality black-and-white photocopies without a flashlight, perfect for working in archives and libraries.

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