Monday, December 26, 2005

Apparently our situation - when it comes to politics, the economy, poverty, security, etc. - is very good. After all, even though Qassam rockets are still being fired from Gaza to Israel today's main headlines concern the weight ( 115 kgs according to Ha'Aretz, elsewhere I read 118 kilo ) and the cholesterol level of our Prime Minister. By the efforts to 'prove' that a clearly overweight person in his seventies is in perfect health ( as someone pointed out after one of Sharon's advisers said right after the stroke that the PM looked excellent: "He did not look excellent before the stroke, how are we expected to believe that he does now?" ) I am constantly reminded of the - succesful - attempts, years ago, to convince the American public that Vice President Cheney's health problems were nothing to worry about. Of course, Ariel Sharon's health is a news item, and totally relevant, since he is and wants to remain the leader of this country. But this whole circus has become slightly absurd, with an editorial in Ha'Aretz telling us " can demand from a man whose leadership abilities are so outstanding, in the army as well as on the political battlefield, to show the same leadership when it comes to the area of health, which has felled so many more than all of the terror attacks and wars combined. Many people will follow Sharon, and support him in the difficult war, if he sets a personal example the same way he did in his paratrooper days, by calling out: "After me, toward a diet and healthy habits." All this reeks of political spin, it sets a precedent, and what is more important, it is one of the main reasons why there is little talk of the real issues that the elections should be about: social issues and reaching a final deal with the Palestinians and/or determining the borders of the Jewish state.

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