Sunday, December 04, 2005

Everything went smoothly, I arrived in Paris around 5.30 this morning, easily found the RER platform, bought the public transportation ticket that I need for this week, and then went straight to the Marais quarter, where I had two coffee and a pain au chocolat at a Jewish daily that was already open ( it was about 7.30 AM ). At 10 AM I went to the Memorial, returned the microfilms, and then went to buy a telephonecard. Now I am waiting in an internet cafe close to the apartment where I will live for the next ten days. In another hour I will receive the keys to the apartment, then I will call my wife and parents, do buy some groceries for the next few days and go to sleep until tomorrow morning. Tomorrow and Tuesday I will be at the seminar, and from Wednesday I will be a little more relaxed. I am not sure whether I will be able to post anything for the next two days, but be patient, there will be more postings before I go to Holland next week. By the way, I forgot again how annoying the French keyboard is.

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