Saturday, December 24, 2005

I really do not know what kind of comments to write on local events and developments these days. Something about the health of Ariel Sharon? That subject has been squeezed dry already, I think. Something about the comments of the speaker of the Knesset regarding the qualities of this outgoing Knesset's members? Although the man is right, of course ( his advice to the Israeli public "Choose better parliamentarians" is just brilliant ), I find it hard to take seriously a politician who was one of the leaders of the political attacks against Israel's Supreme Court and who thought Vienna was the perfect place to say that Israel is "possibly too sensitive about anti-Semitism". I could write something about the escalation in the south, with Qassam rockets being fired again from Gaza into Israel, but how can I top the wise words of politicians like Yuval Steinitz, who proposed cutting off the electricity supply to the Gaza Strip in retalialion ( the hell with what the world thinks of us, no? ), or Danny Yatom, who expressed fears that Steinitz' words might drag us into a war with the Palesistinians ( what would he call the current situation? )?. Another subject could be the weather, but I can only say that I am waiting for the rain to stop ( it has been raining almost continuously since last night, and it seems that this will go on until Monday ) and for the sun to start shining again. Therefore I will simply post some more pictures from Paris. The one of Heinrich Heine's grave I took at the Montmartre cemetery in Paris on Sunday, December 11th, almost two weeks ago. The other two show the view from the apartment where I stayed.

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