Saturday, June 23, 2007

While my wife loves to receive all kinds of more or less funny video clips, Power Point presentations, jokes etc. in her e-mail box, I normally do not have the patience and time for them. People who know me hardly ever send me such things, and some people got to know me after I sent them a sometimes quite biting e-mail asking them to stop sending me all kinds of FW: FW: FW: stuff. This one made me smile when my wife showed it to me, so I asked her to send it to me. It is a pun on the Hebrew root B-W-SH, the core meaning of which is 'shame'. Busha ( stress on the second syllable ) means '(sense of) shame', Boshet ( stress on the first syllable ) means both 'shame' and 'disgrace', the word is also used in the expression "Beth Boshet", 'a house of ill-fame/disgrace', i.e. a brothel.

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