Sunday, June 10, 2007

With all our self-castigation regarding the memory, outcome, aftermath and legacy of the Six Day War ( here are links to some feature articles about the war on Ynet ), we tend to forget one thing. O.k., 'that' war led to some evil and bad results that we, the Palestinians, and others suffer from - each of those groups differently, of course - on a daily basis. Still, Sever Plocker reminds us of a truth that we should remind ourselves of just as well: " Forty years after the Six Day War the Israel of the Ehud Olmert Administration has been defeated in the PA arena, defeated in the politics of history and incapable of instilling a minimal sense of spiritual uplifting. [...] Israel of 2007 appears to be ashamed of what happened here 40 years ago. But had things been different, we wouldn't be here today. "

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