Friday, October 12, 2007

A good opinion article by Judea Pearl, the father of Daniel Pearl, following the release of "A Mighty Heart", a movie based on a book by Daniel's widow Mariane. Mr Pearl comes out fiercely against something that appears to have become a widely accepted phenomenon in politically correct circles ( to which the maker of the movie also appears to belong ): moral relativism. His conclusion:
" There can be no comparison between those who take pride in the killing of an unarmed journalist and those who vow to end such acts - no ifs, ands, or buts. Moral relativism died with Daniel Pearl, in Karachi, on January 31, 2002. There was a time when drawing moral symmetries between two sides of every conflict was a mark of original thinking. Today, with western intellectuals overextending two-sidedness to reckless absurdities, it reflects nothing but lazy conformity. What is needed now is for intellectuals, filmmakers, and the rest of us to resist this dangerous trend and draw legitimate distinctions where such distinctions are warranted. My son Danny had the courage to examine all sides. He was a genuine listener and a champion of dialogue. Yet he also had principles and red lines. He was tolerant but not mindlessly so. I hope viewers will remember this when they see "A Mighty Heart."

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