Saturday, May 30, 2009

A matter of confidence

Today an op-ed article that I wrote on Thursday was published in the Dutch daily Reformatorisch Dagblad. In the article I claim that Israel appears to suffer from both a lack of self-confidence and from overconfidence. On the one hand some of us are desperately seeking approval/acceptance from our enemies ( hence the constant demand that the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab/Muslim world should accept us as a Jewish state, plus the undemocratic efforts to prosecute those (Arab) Israelis who refuse to swear allegiance and love to wallow in the Palestinians' ( undeniable ) misery ), which I think points at a lack of confidence in our own strength and a lack of belief in our own right to exist as a state. On the other hand some of us - who often happen to be the same ones whom I described in the previous sentence - truly believe that they can keep on rubbing the Americans - who, in spite of all the differences in opinion and interests between Jerusalem and Washington, still are Israel's most generous and vital ally - up the wrong way forever, without paying a disastrous military, diplomatic, and economic price for that. That, in my opinion, is proof of chutzpah and over-confidence. Today I read an article by Yair Lapid, who basically says what I wrote in Dutch about some Israelis' desperate need "to ask foreigners to approve our entitlement for our own national identity".

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