Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Dixie Chicks - Cowboy, Take Me Away

Towards the end of this month a good friend of ours - the 'third sabba (grandfather)' of our children, and the godfather of one of them - is coming over from the US to Israel for a few weeks. I asked him to buy me the five latest CDs of the Dixie Chicks, whose music I have come to appreciate after I watched Shut Up and Sing ( and through YouTube ). Last month I already posted two of their 2006 songs on this blog. Today I post an early one, I think it is from 1999. It is a beautiful love song, a very nice melody, wrapped up in a very sweet video-clip. Unfortunately, one of their best and funniest videos - which also accompanied a very good song - cannot be posted here, since embedding has been disabled. You can watch it here.
PS: Sorry for not writing any 'real' blog-postings and comments, and for having written mainly in Dutch lately. I hardly have any spare time, and often do not have much energy and patience to comment on the news these days. Most of the postings in Dutch are very short and light comments. One of the exceptions is an article that is published in a Dutch daily today, and that I will post in a minute or two. In the article I write that, rather than whining about the bad press it is getting these days and continuing to have our reality dictated in Gaza, Beirut, and Teheran, Israel should try to change its own image with its own hands. I have an idea or two how that might be achieved, but you will have to know or learn Dutch to read what those ideas are ;-)

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