Wednesday, March 17, 2010

With such friends...

I am afraid that this cartoon, by Joep Bertrams (nederzettingen = settlements), is a correct representation of things these days. But of course, Israeli FM Lieberman and many supposed Israel-supporters have no idea what is wrong with Israel's behavior. They learnt from our enemies: why should you consider introspection if you can point fingers in all directions but your own? If Bibi N. asked me for advice - but why would he, after all, I am not a religious and/or nationalist fanatic, be it Muslim or Jewish - I would paraphrase one of Mr Obama's predecessors: "Don't ask and tell others what they can and should do for you, but start thinking about what you can and should do for others, and even more for yourself, and for your children."
PS: The title refers to Israel, not to the US. I have much more respect and understanding for the American positions than for Israel's policies. For instance, I would like to see a tougher international position against Iran, but I can't blame Washington for not pushing the issue too seriously as long as Jerusalem thinks that settlements and 'Jewish heritage' are more important than preventing the ayatollahs from becoming nuclear.

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